Additive Technology Revolutionizing Industries Around the Globe

By: | March 3rd, 2017

GE Additive

GE Additive (Image Courtesy GE Reports

New rapid prototyping and layered manufacturing technologies are now leading to unique and emerging applications including microscale manufacturing for medical and aerospace applications, rapid manufacturing, and rapid prototyping. In short, with these new technologies, complex parts that were once impossible to manufacture are now being created daily.

One advantage of additive manufacturing is that it speeds up the manufacturing process and allows engineers and designers to think outside of the “traditional design and manufacturing box.”

Today, additive manufacturing is leveraging digital technologies across a variety of industries and accelerating innovation. The following video by General Electric Reports explains the Brilliant Factory: The Factory of the Future is Here. GE Additive focuses on this new technology that is rapidly changing what it means to design and manufacture products.

According to GE:

“With over 500 factories around the globe, GE is ushering in a new era in manufacturing by merging hardware and software, and reimagining how products are designed, made, and serviced. We are leading this charge with our Brilliant Factories, where lean and advanced manufacturing, 3D printing, and digital maturity all align to maximize productivity.”

David Russell Schilling

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