Ableton’s Connection Kit Add-on Pack Helps You Make Better Lego Machine Music

By: | April 1st, 2016


I’ve covered Lego music machines before, which are plentiful on the internet.

However, these musical Lego contraptions just got a whole lot better thanks to a new add-on pack named Connection Kit for music software Ableton Live.

Essentially, Connection Kit is a musical toolbox enabling users to connect Arduino and littleBits controllers, Leap Motion’s gesture sensors, Lego Mindstorms components, and webcams.

YouTube Description:

For the tinkerers among you, Connection Kit is here: a new Max for Live Pack that makes it simpler than ever before to set up new and experimental ways to extend and interact with Live.

This free collection of Max for Live devices provides instant connection between Live and technologies like Arduino, LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3, OSC and much more.

Get the Max for Live Connection Kit for free here:…

Breakdown of video:
00:02 Drumstick starts playhead, which triggers an LFO that controls a servo using the Arduino device
00:07 Another servo with a pen attached to it is being controlled by parameter changes in a clip
00:11 The golf ball is mapped to the XY pad of the Camera device, which controls the frequency of a filter
00:13 The pendulum swings between a light sensor and a light source, this motion modulates an EQ8
00:22 LFOs in Live are controlling graphics in Processing using OSC
00:25 Input from Leap Motion controls Live using OSC
00:30 The golf ball triggers a MIDI note
00:34 The JSON Video device loops a video snippet, creating a new beat
00:38 Automation in Live controls the motors of the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 device
00:50 The robot uses a crocodile clip to close a circuit when touching the banana
00:53 A pressure sensitive pad from littleBits™ is triggered by a hammer, causing the music to stop

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