7 Sci-Fi Looking Inventions That Are Real

By: | April 28th, 2021

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Much can be debated about watching Sci-Fi movies and deliberating how real the devices are that are used or how close they are to becoming a reality. This article is dedicated to unpacking seven of those devices that you might not have known to be in existence already.

1.  The Jetpack

Are you dreaming of being suspended in the air but looking quite futuristic while you are at it? Well, the first jetpack is coming to a tech store near you! It is capable of keeping you mid-air for a total of 30 minutes.

If you’re a fan of Sci-Fi technology, you might feel like Star-Lord, the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, trying out these cutting-edge inventions!

2.  Medical Nanobots

If you hate going to the doctor, then you will be excited to know that every soon, you can have your own set of mini-robots living in your body. They will be able to detect any health concerns and will then enabled to treat you right on the spot.

3.  A Bio Fridge

If you hate that your perishables go to waste, then this would be the next refrigerator to purchase that will preserve your food for longer.

4.  A Flying Uber?

Soon you will be able to order an Uber that will get you to the airport in no time at all. Yes, the flying taxi is coming in the near future. Who doesn’t want to fly above the traffic and be on time, every time?

5.  Channel Your Inner Ironman

Do you fancy saving Planet Earth? Then your superhero dreams can become a reality by investing in an exoskeleton suit.

6.  Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Next up, we can look forward to having mirrors (almost like Google, but more accurate) that are able to provide information on your symptoms and which illness you might have. This will be in the form of a mirror that you can fix on your wall.

7.  Zoomable Lenses

The next-gen contact lenses are on the way! Zoom into hard to see objects from afar with these amazing inventions in the near future. How do they work? Well, you only need to blink twice, and you are zoomed in on the insect on your roses.


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