6 Exciting and Inspiring Science Projects to Do With Your Kids

By: | May 21st, 2020

Image by April Bryant from Pixabay

1. Straw Syphon.

This is one of the simplest science experiments you can perform with two straws and two glasses. The result is mesmerizing and works almost like magic, and it’s a great opportunity to discuss how the toilet works.

2. Coca Cola and Mentos.

This is everywhere on the YouTube with people trying to set up “explosions” and stuff, but it’s really a great way to demonstrate “chemical reactions” to your children. Why does Coke react with Mentos, why it happens so fast, what is the gas that builds up the pressure? There are so many things to learn from how these two products react.

3. The Battery Train.

This is another simple physics experiment that only requires a battery, coin magnets, and a copper wire coil. It is going to make the effects of the “invisible” magnetic fields visible for your kid, and it will be a way for them to learn how magnetic trains work.

4. The Lemon and Potato Battery.

This is another classic, and it’s very easy to set up with things that lie around in the kitchen. Nonetheless, it’s an amazing way to demonstrate how electrochemistry manifests in ubiquitous food items like a lemon or a potato.

5. Egg in a Bottle.

If demonstrating temperature and pressure changes is your goal, the “egg in a bottle” experiment would be the ideal selection. All that you’ll need is an egg, a candle, a lighter, and a bottle.

6. Water – Ice Expansion.

Fill a plastic bottle with water and let it freeze overnight. In the morning, the increased volume of the frozen water will have cracked the bottle. In this experiment, you’ll have the chance to explain how the water molecules form crystals and why the new structure takes up more space compared to liquid water.

Bill Toulas

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