$500K Exosuit Takes Deep Sea Exploration to New Depths

By: | September 11th, 2014

If humans are to begin exploring the deep oceans, new technologies must be available to make it happen.

What lies 1,000 feet or more below the surface could be proteins or other biological materials that could provide a breakthrough in combating diseases like Alzheimer’s or advancing the science of brain-machine interfaces. What’s more, salvaging of shipwrecks will now be much simpler, advancing anthropology, history and science significantly.

Exosuit: A Revolution

Deep sea diving expert and scientist Phil Nuytten (see video) has developed an “Atmospheric Diving System” (ADS), a pressurized suit designed to allow divers to safely work thousands of feet below the ocean’s surface.

The new device is called an Exosuit and is designed to allow divers to reach these depths while enveloped in a suit that protects them from high pressure and bitter cold.

According to Nuytten, the suit uses all of the new advances in electronics and control technology developed over the past 25 years. The new device is made of metal alloys, costs $500,000 and allows a diver to stay in the deep ocean for up to 10 hours.

For more on the device, visit Nuytco Research, the manufacturer of the device.

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