5 Ways Technology Will Impact the Online Gambling Industry in 2023

By: | January 20th, 2023

The impact new technology in gambling today is so evident that no one can deny it. Because of technology, the online gambling sector is breaking new barriers and continues to flourish. Michelle H. Thomas, an iGaming expert, believes that the virtual gambling industry is one that will stand the test of time as long as innovations continue to be adopted. She further opined that technology had made the gambling world even more creative and exciting than traditional punters could have ever imagined, and it only gets better from here.

In the past few years, the virtual gambling world has had a good run with technology, performing better as each year passes, and punters cannot but wonder what to expect this new year. Here are five unique ways we believe tech will impact the industry this new year:

1. An Improved Banking System

In some best Canadian online casino platforms, the banking systems have been updated optimally. Punters have dozens of safe options for payments and withdrawals. Some of these banking methods even include options that have been optimized for virtual transactions, making payment activities very swift and easy for bettors, especially in Canada. Many Canadian casinos online have started accepting digital currencies like Bitcoins for payments.

Very few platforms receive altcoins like Ethereum, too, and there are a few futuristic ones that only accept digital currencies. This year, it is inevitable that all legitimate casinos will finally accept this digital currency movement as it not only makes payments safe for bettors but also guarantees their security.

2. Increased Adoption of Blockchain

As of last year, blockchain has become a somewhat familiar concept to players as many have started making anonymous and very secure payments with Bitcoins and altcoins. However, blockchain could do way more for the industry. If fully adopted into the gaming world, blockchain is a tech capable of revolutionizing the iGaming industry, and we hope to see that in 2023.

Blockchain is capable of storing data of absolutely any size transparently for anyone to see. Because of blockchain, gamblers will be even more trusting of the casinos as every transaction and action is recorded and stored in a public ledger where punters and casino operators can assess but cannot edit it.

3. Hybrid Gambling

New technology in gambling brought talks of virtual gaming and even the Metaverse into the scene. The Metaverse is a futuristic technology, and it is expected that these talks will be actualized this year. With Metaverse, players do not need augmented headsets and similar gadgets. If the Metaverse comes into the gambling world, it could improve the entire gaming experience and give gamers more control over their avatars while playing in Canadian casinos online.

The Metaverse requires just an avatar to represent the gamers and does not require the support of additional gadgets like augmented headphones. Additionally, the Metaverse is a relatively new technology that is certainly going to evolve and become bigger and better. Adopting it in this early stage is the best way to go, and we will certainly see that this new year.

4. Smart Contracts

To put it simply, smart contracts are self-executing contracts that are stored on a blockchain network. Essentially, they are digital contracts that bind two parties together in an agreement and cannot be altered or changed after it has been executed. With this in the gambling scene, bettors can place bets without worry. With smart contracts, casinos do not have to continually prove their legitimacy to punters as they are confident that both parties have no choice but to keep their end of the bargain.

In addition to this, smart contracts are capable of efficiently speeding up transactions when gambling. According to the arrangements, the winner gets paid after the game ends, and the smart contract executes that term immediately, sending payments instantly after a winner has been declared.

5. 3D Slot Gaming

Slot games are a casino lover’s favorite, and we certainly love all the options we already have. Last year, there was talk about 3D slot gaming. Some of the most progressive Canadian casinos online have already made steps to create this, and we are anticipating it. With the 3D machines, slot gaming is about to move from a 100 to something even better, as features like the graphics and user experience will be even better than we already know.


From this list, you can undoubtedly tell that 2023 is going to be a year to look forward to in the iGaming space, as players are expected to have a blast. Last year was a beautiful gaming year, and we had almost zero complaints. With new tech still in the picture, we have our hopes high, and we are confident they will be exceeded.


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