5 Inventive Security Solutions for Modern-Day Businesses

By: | April 11th, 2017

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Today’s businesses face a variety of security threats both on- and off-line. They’re also in possession of more customer data than ever before, which makes them ripe for targeting.

While this knowledge can be daunting, the good news is that business security solutions are keeping up with the need for enhanced security at all types of companies. Here are five inventive security solutions that meet the needs of modern-day businesses.

Full-Scale Environmental Monitoring

Gone are the days when stationary video cameras were the end-all be-all of business security. These days, business security systems offer everything from motion sensors to smoke detectors, temperature monitoring, and vocal command response. By providing real-time monitoring and updates, these tools help protect not only against threats from malicious actors, but also environmental threats in the form of fire or carbon monoxide.

An additional but related innovation is the fact that many of these monitoring tools are now customizable, meaning they can be programmed to respond to certain triggers (e.g. a particular door opening or the temperature rising above a designated degree) by exiting sleep mode and recording real-time surveillance updates.

High-Tech Cyber Protection

Cybersecurity is on track to be a $1 trillion industry, so it’s no surprise many security solutions focus on the digital arena. Businesses looking to keep their and their customers’ data safe have plenty of options to choose from, ranging from encryption services to endpoint protection, antivirus and malware protection, and cloud-enabled DDoS mitigation. Two of the most remarkable cybersecurity products on the market right now are Illusive (which inserts thousands of false paths into your network to mislead and trace malicious actors) and Skyport (which offers layer 2 to layer 7 app security).

Data computing solutions and storage tools are also being developed to provide better encryption and data protection for businesses, especially those that handle sensitive customer information. For instance, a 1U server with Intel Xeon processors and hardware-enhanced software can provide security features such as improved threat detection and encryption capabilities. Also, business cloud solutions are now offering more secure ways to store and access data.

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Smart Lightbulbs

Our phones, refrigerators, and TVs are getting smarter—so it was only a matter of time before someone recognized the opportunity to utilize similar technologies for the purposes of business security. Enter smart lightbulbs, which work by learning your business’ normal lighting schedule. Once they have a sense of which lights are used when, the bulbs will maintain this schedule even when business owners and/or their employees are out of the office. Because the lighting remains consistent, thieves are less likely to be alerted to the fact that the property is less monitored than normal. Many smart lightbulbs also integrate with smartphones, so business owners can control lighting remotely.

Mobile Surveillance Units

Businesses who want full-coverage building or site surveillance without paying for a team of security guards are in luck thanks to the evolution of mobile surveillance units. As the name suggests, these solar- or diesel-powered units are portable, so business owners can move them around as at-risk areas change. The 24/7 video surveillance serves not only as a monitoring tool but also as a visual deterrent for nefarious actions.

Remote Capabilities

Whether in the form of light bulbs, video surveillance, temperature controls, or other security solutions, business security is going remote. That means business owners can view real-time surveillance footage, change customizable settings, and respond to alerts from anywhere simply by using their smartphone. This has provided unprecedented flexibility and control over business security systems.

The fact that these products are now affordable for almost all types of business is an innovation in its own right. While comprehensive surveillance and security systems used to be prohibitively expensive, technological advancements have made these options more accessible to a greater variety of businesses. And that’s good news for any business owner looking to ramp up their company’s security.

Dan Scalco

Owner of Digitalux.

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