4 Features of Kids Motocross Helmets You Can’t Ignore While Buying One

By: | February 1st, 2021

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

A motocross helmet is the most important piece of protective equipment you can buy for your child. Safeguarding your little rider will ensure that his or her dirt biking experience is safe and enjoyable. There are several types of motocross helmets available, and each serves a different purpose. To ensure you have purchased the proper helmet for your child’s needs, first research what type of riding will be done.

Before getting to the tips, let’s have a look at the two most important questions you need to address. 

Things To Know Before Buying The Helmet

Is Your Kid Just Starting Out? 

Riding and crashing go hand in hand. New riders crash more frequently than experienced ones. However, kids are resilient when it comes to giving up on things they love. If your kid is new to off-road riding, he/she may want a good looking helmet that goes with the bike’s aesthetics. But if he/she has driven before, they may prefer comfort and right fit overlooks. You need to ensure that the helmet is a combination of good looks and sufficient protection. 

More on the helmet’s fit later in this article. 

Purchasing a New Helmet: Replacement or an Upgrade? 

This is an important consideration while purchasing kids motorbike helmet. If it’s an upgrade, make sure you purchase the one that incorporates all the features of an adult helmet like a wider eye-port, added intake & lighter construction. If it’s a replacement, make sure you buy the one with the same specs and in the same price range. 

Now that you’ve answered these two questions, let’s look at some of the important aspects to keep in mind before purchasing the helmet. 

Niche Motocross Helmets

The most common type of helmet used for dirt biking is the one that is designed purely for motocross. This variety has a durable, sturdy construction that protects the skull as well as the face. Ample chin and lower face protection mean less danger of your child being hit by rocks while riding. Motocross helmets also have visors that provide adequate protection from the bright sun.

Hybrid Helmets

For children who do more exploratory riding, a hybrid helmet will suffice. These dual-function helmets have features that dirt and street bike helmets provide. Many hybrid helmets have chin protectors that can be turned up during slower rides. They also include removable sun visors as well as vents that provide proper airflow. Hybrid helmets are ideal for children who are just beginning to experience motocross.

Don’t Compromise On The Size

When selecting a quality youth motocross helmet, it’s critical to get one that fits properly. While you may want to include some growing room, it’s more important to ensure a snug and comfortable fit. Most youth motocross helmets are lightweight. However, if your child complains of neck soreness, you can opt for a carbon fibre helmet. These helmets are ideal for children who are new to wearing protective headgear.

Always Go With The Certified Ones

A final consideration for buying youth motocross helmets is ensuring they come with certain certifications. Snell certified helmets are best, but you can also find quality helmets that meet the DOT certification standards. No matter which youth motocross helmet you buy, taking some time to research what’s out there will ensure your satisfaction and your child’s safety.

Wrapping Up

Many children enjoy the thrill and freedom of motocross biking. While this can be a fun and exhilarating pastime, it can also be dangerous if you don’t take the proper precautions. We have discussed all the important aspects relating to your kid’s motocross helmets. Make sure to keep these points in mind and make an informed buying decision. 


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