3M Has Done it Again–This Time For People With Fragile Skin

By: | June 16th, 2021

The number of inhabitants on earth that are aging, together with the onslaught of new, innovative mutations of diseases, have called for advancement when it comes to adhesive medical solutions.

This was the opinion of manufacturing giant 3M-known for being a versatile market player in many different fields, especially the medical fraternity.

The Market Demand

3M’s market research determined that a more gentle and less evasive adhesive solution is required for the intended audience. The marketed asked, and 3M’s response was the 2484 3M Hi-Tack Silicone Adhesive.

This new invention has many benefits attached to it, including:

  • Being breathable.
  • It is comfortable to wear.
  • Repositionable and conformable.
  • The adhesive can be worn for several days before being discarded.
  • When the adhesive is removed, it is done with minimal cell removal.

This product is the second in the line of new-age adhesives, and its predecessor, 2480 3M Hi-Tack Silicone Adhesive, was only released months before with great success!

3M’s Director of Global Business has been cited as saying that when it comes to the design of any medical device, patient safety should be at the forefront. This is why they have continued to focus on the Hi-Tack Silicone Adhesive Portfolio. Even though it is very tricky to meet the demands that an aging person with delicate skin presents, they are the intended target market, most in need of wearable medical tech devices.

The thin-filmed medical tape on a 2484 roll is made up of a polyurethane film backing that sees one side coated with 3M’s renowned proprietary silicone adhesive for gentle skin applications. It also comprises a release line attached to the silicon adhesive side to assist with improved handling, which can also be applied to an array of medical devices.

About 3M

3M has been dominating the market since 1902 and aids various healthcare manufacturers with innovative medical technologies. Their breakthrough medical advancements aim to improve lives by utilizing a series of carefully selected materials high in quality.

With this exciting new development, only time will tell what 3M has next up its sleeve.


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