3 Crucial Construction and Design Elements of Assisted Living Facilities

By: | September 4th, 2020

Image by Borko Manigoda from Pixabay

Aging is a beautiful process. While the passage of time physically slows us down, makes our bodies more susceptible to illness, it also allows us to mentally slow down and finally take a back seat to spend time enjoying the fruits of labour. Senior citizens take great pleasure in finally disowning their responsibilities and embracing a carefree, laidback, and happy life.

Assisted living facilities help senior citizens to transition into a living space where their golden years are spent cherishing each moment. These accommodations don’t just provide them with a roof over their heads, but also extend several amenities and facilities that are necessary to enjoy a happy and safe life.

What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is a boon for senior citizens who wish to live an active and independent life. These facilities allow the senior citizens to live their life on their terms while offering help only when they need it.

They may give a nod of dislike, but older adults usually require assistance in getting on with their day-to-day lives. Some tasks, like bathing, getting dressed, eating, etc, may call for assistance. In these instances, assisted living facilities emerge as the best housing option for senior citizens as it allows them to strike a balance between being independent and reliant.

At these facilities, the senior citizens relax with freedom, a good social life, and lots of other activities with their peers, making each day enjoyable.

How Should Assisted Living Facilities be Constructed?

Assisted living facilities intend to make senior citizens’ lives easy, and it shows in their facilities, services, and design elements.

These facilities revolve around four basic ideas: comfort, safety, efficiency, and health. Every corner of these special facilities exhibits this line of thinking. Let’s browse each of these ideas one by one.


When a person ages, considerable changes occur in their visual, cognitive, and physical abilities. Assisted living facilities acknowledge these natural changes and provide the adults with a home where they can age gracefully in a safe and secure environment.

These homes are designed with the basic idea of providing a safe setting to the senior citizens. The construction and design features include:

  • Soft flooring, like rubber, cork, carpet, etc, is tender under the foot and lessens severe fall injuries.
  • Bright lights in every corner of the home that provide better vision.
  • Handrails, as well as grab bars, on both sides of the stairs, bathrooms, hallways, and other areas to provide due support while walking.
  • Anti-skid tiles in the bathrooms to provide adequate grip..

Comfort and Efficiency

Senior citizens crave a snug and comfortable home where they can spend carefree days. Assisted living facilities translate these expectations into architectural and design elements, such as,

  • Rubber or no-step threshold to allow easy wheelchair access.
  • Decent heating, as well as cooling systems.
  • Noise reductions systems.
  • Lever-type doorknobs.


Assisted living facilities incorporate smart design plans that promote healthy living. Active design features are always a part of these projects for helping senior citizens lead a healthy lifestyle. The active design elements include outdoor exercise areas, recreation areas, well-lit stairwells, raised garden beds, etc.

Having all these elements in the property creates an environment conducive to living a healthy lifestyle. This ensures residents engage in physical activities and keep themselves active.

Final Words

Assisted living facilities are designed with the motive of creating a haven for senior citizens. These facilities are places where older adults can live on their terms whilst maintaining their physical and mental well-being. Rest assured that the design philosophy behind assisted facilities is extremely thoughtful and senior-citizen friendly.


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