22 Highlights from World’s Largest Unmanned Systems Show

By: | June 10th, 2015

Unmanned Systems Bat Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)

Unmanned Systems Bat Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) (Image Courtesy www.northrupgrumman.com)

AUVSI 2015 Celebrates Intelligent Robots, Drones & Unmanned Systems

This past week, over 600 innovators in commercial and defense industries met at Unmanned Systems 2015 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. The event, sponsored by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), includes leaders in air, ground, and maritime, robots, drones, and unmanned systems, and is re-writing the future of unmanned systems.

The event proved that all of these technologies are progressing at speeds beyond our wildest dreams. The videos below prove it.

Robot Cameras for Every Event

One exciting product, SOLOSHOT, is a smart robotic camera that follows you wherever you go. Just wear a tag and the camera knows where to point, keeping you in the center of the it’s field of vision at all times!

Drone Gallery Shows Wide Range of Drones & Applications

Following is a dazzling array from the Drone Gallery at AUVSI 2015:

  1. NASA’s Greased Lightning Drone & covered by IndustryTap earlier this year: Greased Lightning 10-Rotor
  2. UASEturnas Solar Unmanned Vehicle
  3. Raytheon’s Coyote
  4. PrecisionHawk Agricultural Survey Drone
  5. C-Astral Bramor
  6. Q3 Quadcopter
  7. Arcturus Jump VTOL
  8. Sirius Pro Mapping UAV
  9. Textron AeroSonde
  10. Sensintel Silver Fox
  11. Griffon Twin UAV
  12. Northrup Grumman Bat
  13. Yamaha RMAX Agcopter
  14. Sensurion Magpie
  15. Rapid Composites Quadcopter
  16. Scion SA – 200 Weasel
  17. Pulse Aerospace Vapor 35
  18. NavMar Control Station Simulator
  19. Air Robot Hexacopter
  20. Sikorsky Pilot Optional UH-60
  21. Asymmetric Quadcopter

The following video shows the drone gallery:

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