$16 Billion in Infrastructure Projects for New York, New Jersey

By: | March 30th, 2016

Making Sure Infrastructure is World Class

Infrastructure projects are the lifeblood of successful cities. When cities are large like New York City, projects are huge, cost billions, and take years to plan and finish. New York City is home to the busiest marine port on the US East Coast as well as some of the busiest transportation hubs in the world.

Long-Term Capital Investments in Infrastructure

Last week, the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey approved $16 billion in infrastructure projects. The Port Authority manages:

  • JFK International Airport, Newark Liberty International, LaGuardia, Stewart International, Atlantic City International and Peterborough.
  • the PATH Interstate Commuter Rail, which connects New York City and New Jersey.
  • port commerce including container and auto shipping.
  • all New York City and New Jersey tunnels, bridges, and terminals including the George Washington Bridge and three bridges linking New Jersey to Staten Island, two major tunnels, and three bus stations.
  • real estate and development in New York City and New Jersey including the World Trade Center

Following are some of the projects included in the $16 billion investment:

  1. La Guardia Central Hall and Terminal B – Terminal B, built in 1964, will be replaced using $5.3 billion. There will also be a central hall linking the terminals.
  2. New York Airport Terminal A Replacement – Terminal A was built in the 1970s and has 33 gates for aircraft. An investment of $2.3 billion will replace Terminal A and include passenger amenities, retail shops, restaurants, and security technology.
  3. The Gateway Program – The Port Authority approved $35 million to be matched by Amtrak to build two new Hudson River rail tunnels, two new tracks between Newark and the tunnels, a Penn Station South Annex, and the second Portal bridge.
  4. George Washington Bridge Rehabilitation – The George Washington suspension bridge will be upgraded with a total of 11 projects, two of which were just approved. The first will replace two bridges in Fort Lee and cost $90 million. The second will replace the Palisades Interstate Parkway Helix in Fort Lee and cost $67.5 million.
  5. Dredge Newark Bay – In order to accommodate larger container ships the port of Newark will be dredged, costing $10 million.

Following is an example of the type of project that the port authority undertakes, in this case, the Bayonne Bridge roadway project.

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