$15,000 GoPro Odyssey: A New 16 Camera Platform for Shooting VR Video

By: | September 28th, 2015

GoPro Odyssey

GoPro Odyssey (Image Courtesy www.mashable.com)

GoPro has just introduced GoPro Odyssey, a new array of 16 Hero4 cameras, that provides stereoscopic panoramic capture, recording an immersive 360Ā° 3-D video to be played back on VR devices. The Odyssey was originally introduced at Google I/O, is reportedly a joint effort between Google and GoPro, and features Google’s new “Jump” software. “Jump” is a being described as a VR ecosystem to help producers create VR content that will soon be uploaded on YouTube.

According to GoPro, all 16 Hero4 cameras are synced down to the pixel level to function as one camera. This array is designed for long recording times and provides additional power supply support for shooting in remote locations.

The following chart shows technical specificationsĀ for the GoPro Odyssey:


GoPro-Odyssey Technical Specificatiions (Image Courtesy www.gopro.com)

The following video shows the GoPro Odyssey in action:

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