14-Gallon Cooler from Alpine Electronics Features a Huge Built-In Speaker

By: | October 25th, 2016


Alpine Electronics has introduced a brand new cooler-speaker hybrid called the PWD-CB1 Alpine In-Cooler Entertainment system.

It’s a 14-gallon cooler so it’s certainly capable of carrying many cold beverages and food and features an absolutely massive built-in speaker.

The 180-watt speaker is waterproof, so you can essentially just toss this puppy in your truck bed and be on your way for your camping trip with everything you need to blast tunes in the middle of the woods.

The PWD-CB1 Alpine In-Cooler Entertainment system will run you $1,500, a price that could be worth it if you or someone you know is an avid outdoorsman.

Marshall Smith

Technology, engineering, and design enthusiast.

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