12 Everyday Tools and Gadgets That Make Life Easy

By: | March 4th, 2021

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Do you wish to simplify life? Try the following everyday gadgets, and life will never be the same again.

Hook-on Desk

How about working from the balcony without a cumbersome desk? Get a hook-on desk that you can hang on the rail of your patio. Working has never been this easy, or this scenic for that matter!

Digital Tape Measure

Measuring has never been this convenient—no more fidgeting with a tape measure to distinguish between inches and centimeters. A digital tape measure displays the measurements. It is also waterproof amongst its many other admirable qualities.

Waterproof Notepad

Has an idea struck you while in the kitchen or bathroom? Write it up using a waterproof notepad. Get the idea off your mind, lest you lose it.

A Hoodie Backpack

Say no to raincoats and caps when walking in the rain or against the wind. Face the weather using a hoodie backpack. You will feel light and easy, and your valuables will be protected at the same time!

The Thumb Ring

Holding a book is strenuous to your fingers. How about a thumb ring that keeps the pages wide open using just one finger? You can even use it as a bookmark too.  

Food Huggers

Imagine no more rotting, uncooked left-over veggies and fruits. Use food huggers to keep them fresh. You will like the cute shapes and colors of the huggers. They are entirely customizable to the color scheme of your kitchen.

Peelable Brush

Do you find it messy trying to remove hair from your brush? Get a brush with a peel-able tongue. Just fix the tongue on the bristles, brush your hair, and peel off the tongue to remove the hair.

A Multiple-mold Bowl

Bake separate cake pieces using a multiple-mold bowl. It is amazing how you will savor different flavors of cakes in one round of baking. This is an excellent invention for the baking industry and is sure to take it by storm!

The Scissor Tape

Cutting and sticking have never been this easy. Get a scissor and tape as one tool. You will find it quite convenient. So now, then the time comes to cover the kids’ school books and presents for special events, you will actually look forward to it.

A Fountain Faucet

Never again will you bend under your faucet when drinking water or wanting to rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth. A fountain faucet brings a transformation that makes quenching your thirst easy. Wave goodbye to messy water-drinking sprees for good.

Fridge iPad

Watch your recipes from your fridge. Use the iPad holder made to stick on a refrigerator. Your cooking lessons will never be the same again, nor will your grocery list for the week!

Portable outlet

Charge and protect your gadgets while in transit and en route to your destination. Having a portable outlet that can protect your devices from a power surge makes traveling more fun.


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