Tesla is Killing Off Its 10 Kilowatt Powerwall for Good as a Result of Low Demand

By: | April 2nd, 2016


Tesla has officially pulled the plug on its 10 kilowatt Powerwall offering, and not necessarily because people weren’t buying it.

In fact, the 10-kilowatt Powerwall was discontinued due to the fact there was so much more demand for the 6.4 kWh battery option than for the bigger one.

In a statement to GreenTechMedia, Tesla explained the decision:

The Daily Powerwall supports daily use applications like solar self-consumption plus backup power applications, and can offer backup simply by modifying the way it is installed in a home. Due to the interest, we have decided to focus entirely on building and deploying the 7-kilowatt-hour Daily Powerwall at this time.

The $3,500 price point for the 10 kilowatt Powerwall might have played a major role in it getting discontinued, but regardless, this looks like the right choice at the right time for Tesla.

Michael Cooney

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