Robot Security Guards Read 300 License Plates Per Minute at Just $4.17/hr

By: | November 29th, 2014

Robot Security

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Robots Security Guards Surveil with Cameras & Sensors

A science fiction novel called “robonomics” posits a future economic system in which robots and digital systems do nearly all of the productive work of society. But as you can imagine, some enterprising business people are using the term robonomics to refer to a new field of study that helps companies decide whether or not to invest money in robots or people.

The New Field of Robonomics

Take security guards, for instance, whose jobs are considered to be quite monotonous. A startup company called Knightscope is taking Silicon Valley by storm with two new models of robot security guards named K5 and K10 with the following capabilities:

  • autonomy
  • artificial intelligence
  • radar, lidar
  • thermal imaging
  • optical character recognition
  • 360° daytime and nighttime video, real time
  • see, hear and smell
  • read 300 license plates per minute and run through police database
  • can detect WMD and dirty bombs and biological agents
  • transmit all data to a security operations center manned 24x7x365 by humans
  • capable of roaming using GPS coordinates like a Google self driving car
  • laser scanners
  • processes historical data about crime and uses predictive analytics
  • uses face recognition for everyone who comes and goes, keeping a whitelist and a blacklist
  • identifies sexual predators and stolen cars
  • geotagging and time stamping of all activity in the environment
  • identification of odd movements or hand gestures

Knightscope’s management believes its robots, which stand 60 inches tall and weigh 300 lbs, can be used on college campuses as well as primary and secondary schools to help protect students. The company also believes its technology will be valuable in large sports arenas such as Madison Square Garden and other heavily traveled public areas such as train stations, bus stations, airline terminals, etc.

Finally, Knightscope estimates the cost of its robots to be just $4.17 per hour, compared to the minimum wage for a human, which is roughly $10 an hour. As a result, 24×7×365 use of robots will be affordable. According to the company, the ideal mix of security guards would be 30% humans and 70% robots so that humans are able to oversea and perform more strategic tasks.

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