Precision Engineered Accordion Watch Masterpiece. Unique, Quirky and Expensive

By: | March 10th, 2013

Royal Opera Accordian Watch $1200000

Watchmaking relies on the highest tolerance of precision manufacturing to create a time keeping masterpiece. In early years of watchmaking a high quality watch was appreciated for its precision engineering and craftsmanship. Today a watch is a mere tool or fashion statement, watches are appreciated as jewelry rather than the precision engineering and craftsmanship.

Manufacture Royale Opera Accordion Watch – $1.2 Million

Then we stumble across the $1.2 million Manufacture Royale Opera Accordion Watch. It’s unique, quirky and reminds us of old world engineering and we once again appreciate the engineering in watchmaking to make a unique masterful timepiece. The Opera Time-Piece is compiled of 319 parts and expands like an accordian and chimes a C sharp note for the minute and an A for the hour.

See Slide Show of the Accordion Watch Opening Click next to start.

Manufacture Royal Or blanc et rose

Manufacture Royale Opera Accordion Watch – $1.2 Million

See Slide Show of the Accordion Watch Opening Click next to start.

Source: Manufacture Royale Opera Time-Piece Watch

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