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NASA Capturing an Asteroid, Too Late for Dinosaurs but Might Save You

A number of organizations worldwide are planning to capture asteroids in order to protect the earth, harvest resources and maybe even create a base from which to launch missions to Mars! The first candidate for caputer or deflection may be asteroid 2012DA14, an approximately 130 ft (40m) by 85 ft 28 m) “space rock.”
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Duck Hunters Save Us From Drone Invasion
Fiik Electric Skateboards Pushing Limits Like Never Before
Turning Landfills into Power Plants

3D Printed Assault Rifle, Just Click Print

We have written about the coming revolution in manufacturing as 3-D technology is put to use printing anything under the sun. But 3-D printers are already allowing the printing of objects outlawed: revolvers, rifles and high-capacity clips. This means laws either on the books now or passed in the future will have no teeth; anyone anywhere can easily and secretly build a weapon that could be used for nefarious purposes.
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Got some spare vacation days? How about a trip to Mars
Siemens CX 400 Turbine Producing 12 Megawatts of Energy
The Future is Literally in Your Face, Google Glass
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