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Seatless Electric Car Designed Specifically for Wheelchair Users

Forget cars with seats. The latest and greatest electric car comes from Kenguru and it’s built with wheelchair users in mind. The car utilizes motorcycle-style handlebars and can be accessed by a wheelchair rolling right through the rear hatch of the vehicle. It is estimated that new the new product will cost upwards of $25,000 […]
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Generating Power From Ocean Waves – An Interview with Dyson Award Winner Sam Etherington
3D-Printed Pelvis Keeps Cancer Patient Walking
Team Creates Buzz with Robot Modeled after Bees
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Are You Daring Enough to Play on a Massive Bouncy Hammock?

Numen/For Use has built a massive, 32-foot inflatable structure that is perhaps best described as a huge bouncy hammock. The Croatian/Austrian design group has come up with a wildly fun idea, taking the idea of bounce castle for children and putting their own spin on the fun with a gigantic structure filled with ropes. Essentially, […]
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Google’s Chromebox for Meetings a High-Tech Conference Room in a Box
Sony Makes a Splash with Waterproof MP3 Player Sold in Bottled Water
Shovel Your Driveway from Your Living Room with This Snowplough
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