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Glowing Fruit Flies Shed Light on Diagnosing Cancer

A lot of animals are known for their amazing scent-detecting abilities. A shark can respond to blood in seawater, even if it’s just equivalent to one teaspoon in a swimming pool. Dogs and even bees have an acute sense of smell. Police and military personnel have been using dogs to sniff out explosives for decades. […]
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You’ll Never See the Newest Mercedes-Benz on the Road
New Study Finds Fracking Pollution Causes Birth Defects
Electron-Trapping Laser Converts Cement into Metal
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World’s Tallest Vertical Garden Growing 162 Apartments on 46 Floors

Architects and engineers in Sri Lanka are putting their plans for the world’s tallest vertical garden in motion. Clearpoint Residencies will be 46 stories high with a self-sustaining watering system and air conditioning to maintain the plant life of the building. The building will stretch into the clouds outside the city of Colombo and contain […]
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Why Are You Losing Business to Your Competitors? How to Manage Your Customer Relationships – Part 1
Carbon Nanotube Heat Sink Could Turbo Boost Your Computer with 6X Less Heat
World’s First Carbon Fiber 3D Printer Prints Parts 20X Stiffer, 5X Stronger Than ABS
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