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Study Says Fleets of 3D Printed Drones Will Fight Tomorrow’s Wars

3D printing and drone technology are two of today’s most exciting technologies. Both have started working in conjunction with each other in a way that we have not seen before. They have a potential to take wars into the robotic, Terminator-like age. According to the Center for a New American Security (CNAS), the future of […]
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$20 Gadget Allows Hackers to Control Your Car
Find Out How This Guy Revolutionized the Door
Toyota Recalls 1.9 million Prius Hybrids Over Software Failure
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Mobile Mine Detector Could Clear Millions of Landmines

Over 100 million of killing mines across the world Landmines are killing and injuring tens of thousands of people every year. By some estimates, there are over 100 million active landmines still buried in more than 76 countries across the globe, all just waiting to kill innocent people.  These landmines can remain active for over […]
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Didn’t Get a Foot of Snow Dumped on You? Make Your Own.
The World’s Biggest Dump Truck Isn’t Even on the Road Yet
Futuristic Train Targets 80% Increase in Peak Capacity But Not Without Controversy
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