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Shanghai’s Spiral-Shaped Bridge a Roller Coaster for Your Car

Shanghai is full of spectacular night scenes but Nanpu Bridge is the most fascinating with its distinct structure. This spiral bridge is identified as a wonder in the bridge construction of the world. The distinctive feature of the Nanpu Bridge is its spiral design, which corkscrews up to great views along the Huangpu River. Drivers […]
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Watch Out, Mickey Mouse. Robot Land Theme Park Set to Open in 2018.
Unsafe Crude Oil Tanker Cars Still Riding the Rails Even After Two Derailments
Was the World’s Largest Religious Monument Inspired by Space?
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Porsche Built Four Electric Cars in 1898… And One Was Just Discovered Untouched

The first car Mr. Ferdinand Porsche ever designed was the “Egger-Lohner electric vehicle, C.2 Phaeton model,” also known as P1. The “Porsche Number One” (P1) consisted of a 287 pound mill and three horsepower. It wasn’t exactly a speed demon but you better believe this electric wagon with a steering wheel was a beast in […]
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Is the Ukraine’s Floating Castle Real or Fake?
Terminator-Like Prosthetic Hand is Almost Too Real
Billionaire Developing Smart Grid For Medical Information
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