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Man Flies Plane Repaired with Duct Tape After Bear Attack! Is There Anything Duct Tape Can’t Fix?

After flying in to do some fishing, an anonymous man forgot he left a cooler with some bait in the cargo bay.  It didn’t take long for a bear to smell it. Take a look at the damage that was done…. The bear made the sheet metal look like torn paper. The entire left side […]
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No Shoes? No Problem at This Waterfall Restaurant.
Each of These $3M Condos in the Bahamas Comes with Its Own Pool
Online Networks and What They Mean for Engineers and Scientists
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Are You Ready to Ride a One-Wheeled Motorcycle?

Ryno Motors has managed to create a motorcycle with one 25-inch tire that actually feels safe thanks to gyroscope sensors and accelerometers. The microcycle can cruise up to 10 mph and uses the built-in sensors and accelerometers to balance itself, using intuitive braking and acceleration technology and strategic weight distribution. Chris Hoffmann, the Ryno Motors […]
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Take an Inspiring Tour of China’s House of Modern Arts, the Changsha Meixihu International Culture and Arts Centre
Next Gen Wood Fiber Solar Panels for the Cost of Paper
New Wide Angle Transparent Screen Tech May Lead to Better Heads-Up Displays
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