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‘Exceptional’ 29.6 Carat Blue Diamond Found in South African Mine

(Reuters) – A 29.6 carat blue diamond, one of the rarest and most coveted in the world with a possible price tag of tens of millions of dollars, has been discovered at a South African mine by Petra Diamonds. The miner said the “exceptional” acorn-sized diamond, small enough to fit into the palm of a […]
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24-Year-Old Inventor Becomes the Youngest Shortlisted for Engineering Hall of Fame
UN Climate Chief Praises China, Warns the Rest of the World
Ford Promises New Aluminum Bodied F-150 Isn’t a Beer Can on Wheels
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Home Sweet 196-Square-Foot Home

Macy Miller, a Boise, Idaho-based architect, has built herself an amazing 196-square-foot home. After an extensive foreclosure settlement on her previous 2,500 square-foot home, Miller decided to spend $11,500 to construct her new “tiny home” on the back of a flatbed trailer. Her micro home is fully functional with a power grid and potable water. […]
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Airbus Sales Behind Boeing But Orders Propel Them to New Industry Record
Scientists Grow Mini Kidney from Stem Cells
Eye-Controlled Computers Make Double Clicking Obsolete
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