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First Supersonic Private Jet Cuts Your Flight Time in Half for a Mere $80M

Boston-based company Spike consists of former Airbus, Gulfstream, and Bombardier engineers along with a slew of entrepreneurs and investors who are working to develop a supersonic private jet for the ultra-wealthy. The Spike Aerospace S-512 will cut the flight time from L.A. to Tokyo in half. But what you save in time your piggy bank […]
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Over 300 Tweeting Sharks Warn You When They’re Close to the Beach
Concrete Research Gets a $10 Million Boost
NASA’s Next Rover Could Be a Squishy Robot Ball
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Navy’s Newest Missile Launcher Resembles Spinning Revolver Barrel

A multi-role Chemring Centurion launcher has successfully fired a Raytheon-Lockheed Martin Javelin missile and hit a static target on Salisbury Plain in England. The new Centurion launcher, in conjunction with Raytheon’s combat missiles, provides an evolutionary defense technology for ships, resembling a spinning revolver barrel when fired. The missile launcher was designed to be effective […]
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Osaka’s 8-Level Rooftop Park Not Your Average Shopping Mall
First Vodka-Powered Text Message Gets in the Canadian Spirit
Cure for Blindness Could Come from Inkjet-Printed Eye Cells
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