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World’s First Underwater Car Cruises at 75 MPH on Land and 1.9 MPH Underwater

For those who think that a submersible car from a James Bond movie is just a wild idea, Swiss company Rinspeed has launched the submersible car “sQuba” that can be driven on land and underwater. Inspired by the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me, where Bond’s car could plunge into the water to […]
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New Survey Reports Engineering Salaries are Increasing
US Navy Awards $80.5 Million More Toward the Production of Joint Standoff Weapons
Magical, Medieval 900-Year-Old Crypt Discovered in a Monastery
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Scientists Reverse the Aging Process in Mice. Are Humans Next?

We all are involved in aging process and no one can escape from it. We can prevent wrinkles by using Botox, wrinkle creams and hair color to look younger, but our bodies never stop the aging process. But nothing is impossible in this modern world. Harvard researchers have discovered a new natural chemical that successfully […]
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Crash Proof Your Smartphone with an Airbag
Epic “404” for Italy’s Messina Straits Bridge and TAV High Speed Rail To France
Who’s Going to Pay for Germany’s 9-Year Nuclear Power Phaseout Plan?
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