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Next Up Bionic Vision Almost a Reality

Helping the blind see is an age old dream; the fruits of centuries of advancements in science and technology have put humanity on the cusp of a solution. The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) just approved the first treatment to restore limited eyesight in some types of blindness but there are dozens of companies and labs worldwide working on bionic eyes.
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Building the Tallest Broadcasting Tower in the World
Gautrain: Building Africa’s First High Tech World-Class Railway System
Twenty One 21st Century Engineering Challenges (11-21) Continued

$6 Billion Floating City “Freedom” to Dwarf World’s Largest Ships Ever Built

The largest ship ever built, during its lifetime, had four names: Seawise Giant, Happy Giant, Jahre Viking and Knock Nevis. It was an Ultra Large Crude Carrier (ULCC) and had a displacement of 657,019 tons, a draft of 81 feet (24.6 m) and was considered the largest self-propelled man-made object ever built. She was sunk during the Iran-Iraq war but was salvaged and restored into service and was sold to India for scrap metal in 2009.
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Supercharged V12 Espresso Machine by Espresso Veloce
World’s Fastest Sailboats Fuse Aeronautic and Marine Technologies
Wave Inspired Aquarium, The Blue Planet
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