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Curiosity Rover Makes a Discovery That Surprises Earthlings

NASA’s Curiosity rover has given scientists the strongest evidence of an ancient, almost freshwater lake on Mars that could have sustained life billions of years ago. This discovery is considered to be great as lakes are the perfect environment for simple life to develop. After analysis of the Martian soil samples taken by Curiosity, scientists […]
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High End “Sky Engineering” Pushes Boundaries of UAV and Single Seat Helicopters
Photographer Hand Cuts, Shreds and Weaves Human Faces into 3D Collages
Is Biometric Technology Setting Us Free or Enslaving Us Forever?
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Trippy Monochrome Lighting Makes You Lose All Perception of Reality

Nonotak, a design firm based in Paris, is responsible for a new audiovisual installation called Daydream V.2, which is screwing with the perception of viewers and bouncing them between dimensions through the use of projected light. The duo of Noemi Schipfer and Takami Nakamoto make up Nonotak and have been creating trippy installations similar to […]
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GE’s Next-Gen Jet Engines Use 3D Printed Parts
License Plate Scanning Technology Suspended Over Privacy Concerns
Fog Harvester Turns Thin Air into Clear Water
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