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McLaren to Use a Force Field to Wipe Out Windshield Wipers

Windshield wipers are something that all cars have in common regardless of price, because they are required by law and are a necessity when it comes to driving in the rain, sleet, or snow. McLaren’s chief designer, Frank Stephenson, is looking to replace traditional windshield wipers using ultrasound to send 30kHz waves across the windshield, […]
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Charge Your Phone 5X Over with the World’s First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Charging Device
New Work on Chernobyl’s Number 4 Reactor 27 Years Later
Heavy Duty Handheld Laser Can Set Stuff on Fire
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Will the MX-1 Lunar Lander Win the New Space Race Worth $30 Million?

Apollo missions have been giving scientists the opportunity to progressively discover how rich and diverse Moon geology is. Investigations and surveys have confirmed all the resources for which we fight for on Earth are available in infinite quantities in space. A privately-held company called Moon Express is showing us how to mine on the moon. […]
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Complete Coverage of Fukushima News
How NYC’s Citi Bike Keeps Cyclists Pedaling Through Ice and Snow
Philips Flattens the Light Bulb
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