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Yankee Stadium Architects Will Build You Your Own Personal Stadium for $30 Million

Have you ever dreamed of having Heinz Field, London’s Olympic stadium, or the new Yankee Stadium in your backyard? Populous, the architects behind these three incredible structures, are willing to build you your own similar personal arena for the super-low price of $30 million. The entire idea is built off the fact that Populous can […]
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How a $500 Impact-Resistant, Throwable Camera Can Save Lives
World’s Largest Offshore Wind Turbine Installed
Low-Cost Water Pump Increases Farm Incomes by 500%
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NASA Images Find 1.7 Million Year Old Man-Made Bridge

The NASA Shuttle has imaged a mysterious ancient bridge between India and Sri Lanka. The bridge was purportedly passable on foot until 1480 AD when a cyclone moved the sand around. This recently-discovered bridge has been found to be made of a chain of limestone shoals. Its unique curvature and composition by age reveals that […]
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Twilight Of “Fossil Fuel” Engines, Dawn Of EV Mobility
Pedestrian Garden Bridge Over the Thames One Step Closer with Funding Boost
G650 Breaks Around-the-World Speed Record But Will Its Reign Be Short-Lived?
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