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Almost 40 Years Later, Apache AH-64 Still Plug and Play with New Technologies

The primary role of the US Army’s Apache AH-64 attack helicopter is to attack aircraft and engage targets on the ground such as tanks. The first extensive use of the Apache was in Operation Desert Storm. The Apache employs a wide range of offensive and defensive capabilities including “Hellfire missiles,” to destroy enemy early warning […]
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Is Cloud-Based Backup Power on the Horizon?
Geostellar Plans to Revolutionize Shopping in the Solar Industry
Researchers Charged Up about Self-Healing Battery
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How Technology Keeps You Safe With Engines Spinning at 100,000 RPM

The thrust from a turbine is generated through hundreds of precision blades spinning at 100,000 rpm. These blades have to be precision machined to a precise airfoil. If even one of these blades does not conform to the high tolerance, the entire engine could shake apart. For this reason, each and every blade is measured […]
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Will the World’s Largest Solar Plant Become a Tourist Attraction?
Future Body Armor May Come from 3D-Printed Fish Scales
Million-Year Data Storage Disk May Outlast Mankind
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