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Groovy Toyota Changes Colors to Match Your Mood

Remember how popular mood rings were in the 70s?  Happy. Sad. Mad. Mood rings supposedly read your mood and change colors to match it. Toyota has come up with, what’s basically, a mood ring on wheels. This strange idea of a three-wheeler steering wheel-less car can change color and driving style according to your mood […]
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4G-Loaded Smart Trench Coat Tells You When It’s Raining
Autonomous Undersea Vehicles (AUVs) Unveil Ocean’s Mysteries
Safer, Smaller Helium-Cooled Nuclear Reactors at Half the Price?
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Delivery Drones: Amazon “Octocopters” Flying Packages To Your Doorstep

Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos has done it again. As early as 2015, Amazon Prime Air could be available to the public, specializing in package-delivering drones called “ocotocopters”. What Is An Octocopter? An octocopter is a drone or rotocraft, powered by eight rotor helicopter blade. In the event one set of blades breaks mid-flight, each arm […]
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Philadelphia Pulls the Trigger to Become First City to Ban 3D Printed Guns
Technology Outsmarts Mother Nature’s Fiery Fury
Smog Eating Vacuum Cleaner to Suck Up Beijing’s Black Killer Mists
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