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Boeing Banks $100 Billion in Orders for World’s First Folding Wings Commercial Airplane

Boeing has revealed plans for new energy efficient jet planes, the 777X with foldable wings. The new wings are longer than the traditional 777 planes, which Boeing is crediting for its fuel efficiency, but longer wings also create an issue with navigating runways on the ground. This is why the plane will have wings that […]
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How a Data-Driven Approach Will Improve Urban Design and Livability
Your Next Piece of Furniture May Be Partially Made from Potatoes
Say Goodbye to Quiet Flights and Hello to Cellphone Calls?
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Today’s 3D Printing Technology Revolutionizing Industry and Home

According to Jason Lopes, lead engineer for Legacy Effects which does character design, creature design, suits, props, animatronics and collectibles, the 3D printing revolution is changing his company’s business dramatically. Legacy Effects’ typical large project, for example, doing a Halo commercial, involves creating a number of collectibles, masks and accessories for users. Lopes uses 3D […]
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Trash-Talking Robot Garbage Can Lectures You About Litter
Universal High-Tech Card Controls All of Your Credit and Debit Cards
Is Your City Destined to Be Washed Away by Global Sea Rise?
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