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$600 “Invisible” Bike Helmet is 4X Safer Than Traditional Helmets

Sweden has developed the technology for an “invisible” bike helmet, a device to be worn around the neck and rivaling the idea of vehicle airbags. Within one tenth of a second of impact, an inflatable nylon hood wraps around the head of the user to minimize and even prevent injury. Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt […]
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Canada and EU Battle Over Tar Sands and Clean Energy Gets Dirty
The World’s Fastest and Tallest Water Slide is “Insane”
Teenage Girl Invents Flashlight That Runs Off the Warmth of Your Hands
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B-2 Stealth Bomber Not So Stealthy Anymore

For a cool $737 million “flyaway cost”, Northrop Grumman builds the US military’s B-2 Spirit aka the Stealth Bomber. It was once billed as the replacement for the famous Boeing B-52 Stratofortress, which began service in 1955 and is expected to remain in service until at least 2040. The Stealth Bomber was originally intended to […]
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Nanotechnology a New Weapon in the Fight Against Cancer
Low Cash Flow? This Wallet Shouts to Keep You from Spending.
Will Google Glass Be Responsible for New Laws?
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