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Ready, Aim, Fire! Handheld Laser Guns Ready for Nuclear Plant Decommissioning

High-powered 5kW fto 30kW lasers, currently used to weld automobile bodies, may have a future in nuclear plant decommissioning. The importance of these lasers for nuclear plant decommissioning has been underscored by the recent events at Fukushima. A company called TWI of the UK, a world leader in welding, coating and materials processing, was awarded […]
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Your Next Set of Tires Could Be Made from Dandelion Juice
Never Run Out of Gas Again
Solar-Powered Robotic Bird Soars Through the Sky
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5 Chemical Plant Explosions, The Causes & How To Avoid Future Disasters.

In perhaps one of the most dramatic videos ever, the Henderson, Nevada rocket fuel plant, supplier to the US space shuttle program, explodes in 1986, two years after the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. For its size and damage, it remains one of the largest ever chemical plant explosions. Following are five videos, first the Henderson, Nevada […]
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The Science of Climate Change and Why You Should Care
Using Urine to Power a Cell Phone? Soon We’ll All Be Doing It
Power Up with Electricity from Plant Parts
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