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Inconel 625 – The Effective High Temperature Metal

The Inconel Alloy 625 is an oxidation and corrosion resistant, non-magnetic nickel-based alloy. With a capacity for withstanding extreme temperatures, this is a highly employed metal across diverse manufacturing industries. The alloy’s outstanding toughness and strength in the extreme temperature ranges (cryogenic to 1093°C (2000°F)), is derived from the solid columbium and molybdenum, nickel-chromium matrix. […]
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The US Electric Grid Just Went Down. Now What Do You Do?
China’s Grid-Scale Energy Storage Investments Reach $500 Million Per Year
Linear “Take, Make, Waste” Paradigm Giving Way to Circular “Make, Use, Return” Scenario

Today’s Animatronics Almost 500 Years in the Making

Humans score high in recreating lifelike images of themselves and animals, most notably in paintings and wax museums. But so far we don’t score very high in recreating natural movements of living creatures. Walt Disney pioneered animatronics in the early 1960s, introducing audiences to the first audio animatronic in 1963 — a singing tiki bird […]
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Do Companies Give a Rip about Their Greenhouse Gas Emissions?
Self-Sustaining “Farmscrapers” are Cities in Stackable Steel Rocks
The High-Tech Gadgets and High Stakes of Corporate and Political Espionage
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