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Insanity or Innovation? The World’s Quietest Place

Imagine hearing nothing but your heartbeat, over and over, for seconds, minutes, hours. Eventually, you may get a little crazy, but this is how quiet a room must be in order to test the most sensitive equipment in the world. Companies from motorcycle maker Harley Davidson to washing machine maker Whirlpool use these facilities to […]
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Will Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Dream Go Down the Tubes?
Ireland’s Water Crisis May Be a Sign of Things to Come
Small “Modular” Nuclear Reactors Being Tested Around the World
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$10 Billion Tunnel Under the Alps on Track to Open in 2016

When the Gotthard Base Tunnel is complete in 2016, a total of 28.2 million tons (79.8 Million cubic meters), or the equivalent of five Giza pyramids, will have been excavated using four Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM) with a maximum daily excavation of 82-98 ft (25-30m) in optimal rock conditions. Trains will shoot under the Alps […]
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Why Photovoltaic Cells Can’t Stay Out of the Headlines
Can Crowdsourcing Reinvent the Aviation Industry?
World’s Longest and Tallest Single-Arch Bridge Coming to Dubai in 2015
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