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$1.1 Billion Hypersonic Aircraft’s Engines Get Boost From New Air Cooling Technology

The specter of “hypersonic travel”, or traveling at five times the speed of sound or greater, seems to be just over the horizon. That is, within the next few decades. “New York to London in 90 Minutes” is made possible by a series of innovations in jet engine technology but technical and engineering challenges remain. […]
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A Look at the $12.5 Million, 64,000 Man Hour Solar-Powered Boat
Virtual Windshield Sees Through the Car in Front of You
China’s Solar Billionaire Puts His Money on Renewables
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3D Modeling with Hand Gestures

One of the biggest transformations for humanity was the development of writing and printing, which for centuries taught humans to think and work in two dimensions. Two-dimensional words and illustrations, easy to understand, provided a new level of communication and coordinated activity breaking down barriers of space and time. Weren’t alive in the 16th century? […]
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$75,000 Balloon Ride Takes You to the Edge of Space
Wind Turbine De-Icing Technology Keeps Blades Turning in Harsh Conditions
GPS Bullet Takes a Bite Out of Dangerous High-Speed Chases
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