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Top 10 Major Wind Power Markets in the World

The sun heats Earth’s surface unevenly, creating high and low pressure areas causing wind to move about. For millennia, this has provided ideal conditions for people to sail on the high seas, fly in the air and produce energy from spinning wind mills. But today, the “status quo” mix of energy resources is being shaken by […]
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Brain-Controlled Prosthetics, No Surgery Required
Cheap Suborbital Space Flights Not Just for the Starry-Eyed Tourist
Kite Surfing Inspires Renewable Wave Power Invention
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New Device Uses Sewage and Sunlight to Produce Hydrogen Gas

Just imagine if two abundantly available free resources – sewage and sunlight – could provide a sustainable energy source while greening the planet. Researchers at the University of Santa Cruz have developed a solar microbial device that uses only sunlight and wastewater to produce hydrogen gas. This breakthrough could provide a sustainable energy source while […]
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Amphibious Assault Rifle Shoots 800 Rounds a Minute Underwater
Military Smartphone App Orders Air Strikes, Saves Lives in Battle Zones
Massive Solar Tower to Become the World’s Second-Tallest Building
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