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Flying Cars now a Reality with PAL-V

One way to reveal your age is to admit you remember flying cars in “The Jetsons” in the 1950s-60s. In 1956 the Aerocar was designed: it looked like a car but had wings; it turned out to be too expensive to mass-produce and Aerocar International soon went out of business. But a common refrain of engineers is: “never say never.” And so PAL-V-ONE is simply the next iteration of the Jetson’s flying car.
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It’s Time to Get Excited About 3D Printing, Video
High Tech Olympics in Outer Space. Does the Biggest Budget Win?
Precision Engineered Accordion Watch Masterpiece. Unique, Quirky and Expensive

The End of Drug Testing on Animals, Lung-on-a-Chip Devic

The Lung-on-a-Chip is an award winning device that mimics human lungs in the area of drug testing and could eliminate animal testing. The chip, developed by the Wyss Institute is about the size of a USB stick and is created with human lung and blood vessel cells and acts and reacts much like a real human lung would.
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$150 Billion International Space Station Destined for Fiery Return to Earth in 2025
Heavy Lifting Quadcopter Lifts 50 Pound Loads. It’s a Gas Powered HULK
Drilling 26 Miles of Huge Tunnels under London, $23 billion Subway Project
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