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* SCAM ALERT * Industrial Companies Targeted in Scam

At EngNet, we have recently been alerted to a scam targeting industrial companies. The Modus Operandi is to setup a website, purporting to be a mine, and then setup a second website purporting to be a manufacturer of a very specific product. The scammers then send out a tender document from this fictitious mine that […]
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China’s Synthetic Gas Plants Would Choke Out 21 Billion Tons of Carbon Dioxide
Disney Creates Billion-Dollar Floating Cities with New Cruise Ships
Crowdsourced Design Sparks a Revolution in 3-D Design and Visualization
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ITER Nuclear Fusion Tokamak Could Be “The Way” to Solve World’s Energy Problems

Huge ITER Cryosat to Tap Energy Generation Of Stars The word “politician” is almost an obscenity these days, but looking back at an event involving Ronald Reagan, Mikhail Gorbachev and Jacques Chirac, we may be reminded politicians sometimes try to do good. In November 1985, these three large-than-life figures signed an agreement for a $12.8 […]
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Self-Assembling Robots Ready to Jump, Climb, End the Human Race
Flipping the Light Switch for Two Billion People Off the Grid
Nanoropes of Carbyne Stronger Than Graphene and Diamonds
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