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Harness More Wind Power? Go Fly a Kite!

Benjamin Franklin: inventor of bifocals, the Franklin stove, the odometer, and many others was hilariously satirized by comedian Bill Cosby for flying a kite in a lightning storm. This act was borderline “crazy” as others who tried it in succeeding months were electrocuted. But Franklin’s mind was full of imaginative ideas that eventually led to […]
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Project Possibilities with 4D and Nano Self-Assembly Materials Take Shape
Are Renewable Energy Projects Even Worth It?
A&D Industry’s “Regional Strength” Flying High in Washington State
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Carbon Combines Web’s Spider-Man Stretch with Man of Steel Strength

Scientists at Florida State University’s MagLab facility have successfully turned spider silk into microscopic wires that can conduct electricity. This nanotubes-coated spider silk is tough and can stretch and shrink with humidity. Almost all modern electronic gadgets are made up of non-biodegradable components that ultimately end up in landfills causing harm to the environment. This […]
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Today’s Aerial Tramways Are as Comfortable as Your Couch
Amazing Images of Vegetation from Space
Cultivation Key to Saving the Baltic Sea
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