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Building’s Facade Covered in Thousands of Wind Turbines

Decode Urbanism Office, a company based in Beijing, has designed a 1,150 foot (350m) skyscraper to be located in Taichung City, Taiwan, and house the city’s Department of Urban Development, commercial concerns, museums, retail areas and exhibitions spaces. The building’s design was inspired by the plum blossom, the national flower of China and Taiwan. The building’s […]
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Bluer Skies Ahead with Company’s CO2 Emission Reduction
The Big Picture Breakdown Of Greenhouse Gases

Is the $670 Million USS Freedom a Sinking Ship?

At $670.4 million, one would think Lockheed Martin would deliver a gem. But the USS Freedom has been plagued by design flaws, failed equipment, hull cracks and engine-related failures. The U.S. Navy released an inspection report last year that stated the ship had failed 14 of 28 inspection tests, which included the fire-fighting systems, communications, […]
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Would You Pay $100K to Know What Time It Is?
Building’s Facade Covered in Thousands of Wind Turbines
Corporate Espionage Has Come of Age
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