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Desalination Plant to Put Breakthough Nanomaterials to the Test

IndustryTap has written several articles covering desalination, its history, recent large projects and new technological advances that are making it more economically viable in many parts of the world. Advances include Lockheed Martin’s use of nano material, Pefrorene, to more efficiently remove salt and impurities from seawater, the Sahara Forest Project that has raised money […]
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All-Electric Formula E Circuit Races into the Future
Looking into Technology’s Future
A Drive Through the Deepest Immersed Sea Highway in the World

Armband Taps into Muscle Power to Control Electronics

Myo is the world’s first gesture-controlled armband, an innovative new piece of technology that harnesses electrical activity in your muscles to control computers, phones and other electronics via Bluetooth. Developed by Thalmic Labs in Waterloo, Ontario, the Myo armband uses electrical activity from your muscles in your arms, as you move your hand, sensing the […]
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“Super Skinny” Skyscraper Could Climb Its Way into the New York Skyline
Safest Car In The World Becomes A Fireball! See What Happened.
Unmanned Helicopters Protect Troops in the War Zone
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