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The America’s Cup Pushes Sailboats to Record-Breaking Speeds

At first glance, AC72 sailboats seem to defy the laws of motion. They’re powered by the wind but can travel at speeds even greater than that of the wind propelling them. How? The crew behind Team New Zealand, competing in this year’s America’s Cup, explains all. There are two kinds of wind – true wind […]
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Garmin Gadget Set to Give Drivers a “Head Up”
Carbon Fiber Reinvents the Wheel
Telescopic Lenses Give You Superhero Vision

NASA’s New Camera Upgrades Give Mars Rover a Brain

NASA has announced new upgrades to its famous Mars rover, which include an intuitive camera system. TextureCam, manufactured by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, can not only take photos of Mars’ surface, rocks and any other specimens, but it will also do so more intelligently. The new camera sifts through the information it gathers so as to […]
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Why Flow Meters are Future $5.1 Billion Industry Stars
LISA Pathfinder Set for 2015 Space Launch
Wind Turbines That Predict Which Way the Wind Blows
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