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A New Submarine Design That Flies Underwater. Think Flight Not Sink And Swim.

DeepFlight has completely redesigned the submersible concept by applying the principles and dynamics of flights to their recreational underwater vehicles. DeepFlight is a buoyant craft that uses propulsion, speed and wing profiles to submerge.
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Easy Troubleshooting Guide for the GE Fanuc Series 90-30 PLC System
Building Without Blueprints: Termite Robots Can Build Where Humans Can’t
Brilliant Snow Shoveling Solution By An Automation Engineer

TrackingPoint: The Technology Making 1,000 Yard Shots Easy!

At PDF Electric, we stay up to date on the latest and greatest in technology and innovation. Recently, we came across TrackingPoint and found their technology extremely interesting because we handle lasers, vision systems and automatic control technology.
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Coca-Cola’s Social Robot Joins The Party In Israel
Automated Safety Systems For America’s Trains… It’s About Time!
Gold Fish Can Now Drive Cars! Something Sounds A Little Fishy