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Elon Musk’s Low Energy Hyperloop Project Concept Ready For San Francisco, Los Angeles Corridor

Over the past several months the concept of a “Hyperloop” transportation system has been reported on and hotly debated without much in the way of practical details as to how the system could be realized. Yesterday, Elon Musk of SpaceX, Tesla Motors and Solar City, raised the ante by delivering a 57 page overview of a “Hyperloop” system running from San Francisco to Los Angeles.
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Harvesting Energy From Vibrating Railroad Tracks Could Save Hundreds of Millions

Lei Zou of Stony Brook was traveling on a train when he noticed vibrations in the railcar that he surmised were being transferred to the rail itself. His first thought was it might be possible to create energy from train track vibrations and power things like train track warning lights and gates.
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High Performance 200 Million Dollar Eco-Friendly Superyachts
Apple’s New Spaceship Campus Design In Cupertino California
Insect-Eye Camera Offers Wide-Angle Vision for Tiny Drones
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