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General Motor’s EN-V…Is It Just A Concept Car?

General Motor’s concept car EN-V short for ‘Electric Networked-Vehicle’ is a small 2-seat urban electric car. This car is a collaborative effort between General Motors, Segway and Chinese state-owned automotive manufacturing company SAIC.
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Automated Robots Cleaning The Entire Sydney Harbour Bridge
Police Supercars Changing Balance of Power Around The World
13 Ton MRI Machine Has A Magnetic Field 30,000 Times Stronger Than Earth’s

New Flexible Glass Will Significantly Reduce The Cost Of Solar Panels

There is an interesting story about ancient Rome which tells us that flexible glass is a legendary lost invention from the time of the reign of Roman Emperor Tiberius Caesar. Tiberius Caesar ordered the execution of a glassmaker for inventing the ‘Vitrum Flexile’ or flexible glass, which was unbreakable and could be bended by hand.
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US Military To Fund Development Of Vehicle-Mounted, Drone-Shooting Lasers
Can Humans Survive to 2100?
Velodrome, The High-End Bike Track Coming To America
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