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This Is the Million-Dollar Design for Darpa’s Crowdsourced Tank

DARPA recently awarded $1 million to “Team Ground Systems” made up of three designers who built a new drivetrain for an amphibious tank, the “Fast, Adaptable, Next-Generation Ground Vehicle” (FANG). The team beat out over 1,000 other entries in the design of an amphibious tank capable of performing better than the Defense Department designed “Amphibious Combat Vehicle” (ACV).
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Reconstructing The Columbia Space Shuttle After Explosion
Medical Implants That Dissolve When The Body Heals
Solar Powered Headphones That Will Charge Your Phone

Always Hungry? Miniature Electronic Implant Will Control Your Appetite

Bioscience pioneers EnteroMedics of the US and MRC Clinical Sciences Centre (MRC-CSC) of the UK believe a miniature implantable device, just a few millimeters wide, attached via electrodes to the vagus nerve in the peritoneal cavity of the abdomen could regulate electrical and chemical processes involved in appetite.
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The World Would Be Much Better If We Had 50 More Silicon Valleys
Humans Controlling Animals With Their Thoughts, What’s Next?
Computing Speeds Are A Billion Times Faster, Will Moore’s Law Continue?
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